Lady Gaga Live at Monster Hall

Gaga Live at Sydney Monster Hall was a one of a kind Australian exclusive concert headed by pop music iconic Lady Gaga. In 2011 our team helped transform the 19th century grandeur of Sydney Town Hall into a unique and breathtaking Haus of Gaga.

Lady Gaga delighted the crowd by played the Monster Hall’s splendid pipe organ during her theatrical performance for 1000 super fans and VIPs.

Declared the event of the year across numerous media outlets, the stage design, lighting setlist and choreography delivered the incredible spectacle that we have come to expect from a Gaga stadium show in the intimate walls of the Sydney town hall.


Vodafone/Universal Music

Event Type

Live music event


Technical production
Audio and visual, lighting
Branding + styling
Event Design + production
Ticketing/guest management