Nitro Circus International Tour

Second Sunday were engaged in the role of Global Head of Production, and Global Athlete & Show Management for the Nitro Circus Live, the biggest international action sports show in the world. Our team was responsible for the tour planning, feasibility of logistics, production planning, athlete recruitment and management, show creative and assisted with content capture/creative.

The global tour visited over 150 locations across the world, including Europe, US, Japan, South Africa, Middle East, Australian and New Zealand with a touring party of 150 people. Requiring 20 shipping containers of equipment Nitro Circus is an extensive and large scale production with multiple tours taking place simultaneously requiring an expert level of planning and execution.


Nitro Circus

Event Type

International touring


International tour and travel planning
Budget strategy and management
Set design and construction
Developing and managing comprehensive freight and logistics plans
On-site tour and production management
Athlete Management and recruitment
Show Creative & Choreography
Content creative
Stunt coordinator